a belated, but warm


to a wonderful group of people. 

we're glad you're here adrian, bill, billy, carla, dennis, don, fether, jason, kenny, tj, zach!

thank you, those who have been looking for photos of your loved ones the last couple of weeks.  i appreciate you wanting to tune in and see what's going on.   i'm thinking i will be having a little more time to keep these current.  our biggest hurdle of the year (much bigger than taxes) is recertification for the department of higher education.  i've been working on it, and worrying about it, for 4 weeks, shuffling files, finding receipts, looking up arcane information, compiling reports.  it is done now, and mailed off!   again, thank you for your patience.  this is an amazing class, and i don't want you to think for one minute, that the scarcity of photographic evidence of their existence has anything at all to do with the degree of affection we hold for them.  this is a super group of talented people.















deann finds shade while working under a moose on the hottest march 1 in history (83 degrees). 

cam shoots a 22 for the first time. 

melvin has a new grand-daughter!  caitlyn grace.