we're glad you're here!

we are so proud to know you!

it makes our day to have someone call and say, "guess what i won!"  the work our graduates put out is beautiful.  we are so proud!  from now on, we'll be posting information here regarding graduates who've received awards, and who've made our day by calling and telling us. 


Brandon Johnson
1st Place Whitetail, Commercial Division
2nd and 3rd Place Whitetail, Professional Division
2nd Place Turkey Commercial Division

brandon johnson

2014 mid south taxidermy competition
1st place fish
1st place life size mammal
1st place game head
star fish award
judges choice award
best of show




brandon johnson
nwtf taxidermy competition
2nd place game head professional division
2nd place game head professional division
3rd place turkey commercial division



no picture
brandon johnson
2014 southern regional taxidermy competition
2nd place game head professional division



brandon johnson
first place game head division
first place bird division



brandon johnson
first place bird division
peoples choice
judges choice





craig schmelzle
first place-novice division
best of category - novice division
national taxidermy association, 2014




jason delue, 2012




matt's daughter and matt, 2010
matt's daughter at 2010 illinois taxidermy association competition:
best youth whitetail and best youth entry overall
matt at 2010 illinois taxidermy association competition:
first place professional division, trapper's association award, competitor's choice best mammal, people's choice award




stephen, 2010
2010 illinois taxidermy association competition, wasco award


matt, 2009
world show competition, first place professional division
illinois state taxidermy competition, best of category whitetail
best professional entry, most original & creative award, jody green award






stephen, 2009
world taxidermy show:  the birds from the world show all placed second except the redhead, it was third in the professional division.   
missouri taxidermy association competition:  the ringneck got 2nd place master's division.
missouri taxidermy association competition:   mallards both scored blues also in master's.




yeah, yea!  2009 missouri state taxidermy competition
turkey, 1st place amateur division,  nwtf choice amateur, missouri conservation choice amateur
fox, 2nd place amateur, whitetail, 3rd place amateur



codi, 2009.  missouri, professional division, first honest whitetail.




russ's bass has taken awards in three states.  his son follows in his footsteps. 
2009 people's choice, arkansas.  2009 best of category, oklahoma.  2009 starfish award, missouri.  antelope, 3rd in the world. 


jason, 2009 oklahoma, best professional life-sized mammal. 



mike, 2009, oklahoma, best of category, whitetail




randy, 2009.  national champion!  super congratulations!
wasco award winner, 2009 arkansas taxidermy association
2009 oklahoma state champion




stephen, 2008
the shoveler from the missouri taxidermy association competition got a blue in master's division and taxidermist's choice best bird. 



mike.  oklahoma state taxidermy competition.
he placed 1st in professional division, 2008.  he placed 2nd in professional division, 2007. 

buddy.  north carolina taxidermy competition, 2006
best furbearer, best of category, 2nd place habitat, 2nd place for snake.
the retail shop and art gallery and taxidermy studio that he and his brother share:  call of the wild studio, beaufort, nc




jason.  oklahoma state taxidermy competition, 2008
1st place professional, best whitetail, van dykes most creative presentation, best of show people's choice



randy, 2008.  people's choice, among others.  visit this page for a list of his awards.  congratulations!




matt. ita 2008.  he took 2 deer to the show.  one deer took 1st in professional division.  the other took 2nd in master's division.




steve.  missouri show, 2007.  he took four ducks and a turkey all in the professional division and all five birds scored a blue (first place). 
he also won best-of-category professional bird and taxidermist choice bird, and the coveted wasco award.



mary.  world show 2007.



randy.  arkansas state 2007.  wasco most artistic.  people's choice.  (no photo available.)





steve competed in all categories at missouri, 2006.  all birds placed second, fish second, deer third and fox third.



steve had also made a great showing in 2004!



chris placed twice.



buddy took home a ribbon.



john's got three.