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 welcome to missouri taxidermy institute!  like all good things, this school runs well because of the many talented people who are involved.  our current staff consists of me, my wife, a full-time staff taxidermist, and a part-time office administrator.

 my name is chip stamper, and just like you, i have had a lifelong fascination with nature and wildlife.  this tradition was encouraged in my family, and i was able to learn hunting and sportsmanship at my father's side.

i am a professionally-trained artist, taxidermist, and teacher.   i am a self-taught airbrush artist, having spent  6 years commercial airbrushing at the busy tourist community of lake of the ozarks to pay my way through college.  in 1988, i graduated from southwest missouri state university with a degree in art and a missouri lifetime teaching certificate.  my experience and training is in taxidermy, art, curriculum development, and teaching. 

for the past 25 years, i have taught.  as a first-call hunter education instructor, i spend even my spare time teaching, and i consider it worth every minute to be able to introduce youngsters to hunting and the outdoors.

in offering you training at missouri taxidermy institute, i'm privileged to be able to combine my formal education with my love of taxidermy.  taxidermy is a demanding craft, and i enjoy being able to demonstrate to students the methods and principles of taxidermy, and then to watch them take the information and make it their own.  it's a pleasure to work with motivated students, with people who hold important the same ideals that i do, and to be able to watch the art and tradition and vocation of taxidermy flourish and grow.

this is the show-me state, and that is definitely my motto.  i learn best by seeing something done, and i teach best by demonstration and supervision.  our school is  truly a hands-on environment with hands-on instruction, and hands-down, the best opportunity around!



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chip's double small-mouth mount (above)

i am blessed to have the company and able assistance of melvin, who is an excellent taxidermist.  melvin shrauger serves as staff taxidermist, shop supervisor, and assistant teacher.  he has a life-long resume of hunting and fishing, and is a graduate of missouri taxidermy institute.  thank you, melvin.  we couldn't (and wouldn't want to!) do it without you.



melvin, melvin's fish, melvin's ground-hog day


chip and the-biggest-deer-in-the-world


for the capable office people who prefer not be be photographed, thank you two, too, carrie and jennifer.