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you are welcome to register for only the section of the full-course that interests you.  check the class calendar for the grey, highlighted full-courses.  these are the times of the year that we offer the 2-week version of the four separate classes. 

three or four birds, depending on your combination of upland, waterfowl, geese and/or turkeys, will constitute the bird section. 

mammals course will allow you to complete 2 lifesize mounts. 

gameheads course will give you the instruction and time to finish 2 gameheads and an antler plaque.

the fish course will allow you become comfortable enough with taxidermy techniques, and the airbrush, to finish and take home four to six fish, depending upon your fish size and complexity of presentation.

these sections of 2 weeks each, of either birds or mammals or fish or gameheads, are charged tuition of $1,000, plus your expense of horns, antlers, capes, hides, forms, supplies, housing, and food.  specimen costs can be calculated on the expenses page.

you are welcome to bring your own horns, or frozen fish, or upland birds, or tanned capes/hides to save on the final cost.  at your earliest convenience, call us to register, and at that time, give us an idea of your curriculum desires.  if we have an advance notice of what animals you are wanting to complete and which one you have on hand, we are better able to provide the best quality of specimen at the best value.