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taxidermy express

our most popular class!

master the craft of taxidermy.  this class is a favorite for motivated, hard-working students who long to participate in the rich, artistic tradition of taxidermy, and who have found the most efficient way to get started.  a new and rewarding career is only 4 weeks away.  the price- tag and the time-frame of the taxidermy express make it a feasible choice for the hobbyist, too--for anyone who has wondered, every time they drop off a trophy at their own taxidermist, if taxidermy work is as much fun as it looks.  (it is!)  or for anyone with enough leisure to hunt as much as they want, and who would love to be able to mount their own trophies.

your time is valuable, and this class was developed because we respect that.  this class is of the highest quality---comprehensive, but quick.  this allows you to be gone from home for the least amount of time possible.  after four weeks, you will go home with 2 birds, 1 life-sized mammal, 1 game head, 1 antler plaque, and 2 (or more, if you're quick!) fish

we provide 1 duck and 1 pheasant.  we provide a coyote, a bobcat, a raccoon, or a fox, depending on our supply and the season.  we provide whitetail antlers and a cape.  we provide 1 trout and 1 bass.  we provide all the forms, all the supplies, all the eyes and glue (and coffee) you'll need.  we will walk you through the skinning and tanning and mounting and finishing of each of these animals, and send you home with 7 finished mounts, your own tool kit, an airbrush, and a solid and confident beginning to a lifetime of self-education in this fascinating field.

this generous and intensive package is currently offered for only  $4,400 for 2016.  your additional expense will be groceries and housing!  this is, definitely, the best  way to get your new career off the ground.



above is  work completed by  taxidermy express students.  this represents some of the work done in class by the wonderful people we've met who've come here as students. 

for more photos of students and of their works-in-progress, visit the classroom cam.