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welcome to the finest in traditional taxidermy training!  this course is 8 weeks long, with roughly 2 weeks each devoted to birds,  game heads life-sized, and fish.  you will go home with enough finished taxidermy work to stock your own showroom! 

a pheasant, a farm-raised mallard, and a turkey will comprise the bird section. mammals course will allow you to complete 2 life-sized mounts and bases. gameheads course will give you the instruction and time to finish 2 gameheads and an antler plaque. the fish course will allow you become comfortable enough with taxidermy techniques, and the airbrush, to skin mount, finish, do base work on, and take home 2 fish, and to prepare and paint a reproduction fish.

the current price for the full-course is a flat rate of $8800.  this price includes the animals, capes, horns, hides, forms, eyes, and ears for the following.   for the flat rate, we will provide and you will mount and take home with you a pheasant, a mallard, a turkey with a freeze-dried head, a whitetail,  choice of elk, caribou, or very large or reproduction whitetail depending on our supply and the season, choice of bobcat, coyote, raccoon or fox (depending on the season), a large life-sized (almost always a bear), a rainbow trout, a largemouth bass, a reproduction fish (up to 30�), and a whitetail antler plaque, and all bases and habitat.

time permitting:  here is a good idea.  for legal reasons, we will not keep on hand any mammals on the carcass for you to skin and buy.  however, if you have something in the freezer in a trash bag that your sweetie claims shouldn�t be in the same appliance as the ice cream (a normal situation for taxidermy-minded folk), plan to bring it.  we will provide time and equipment and chemicals for you to skin it out completely, tan, flesh, and freeze it to take home with you.  if you don�t currently have such an item in your freezer, but if you have opportunity to obtain (by legal means) a raccoon, fox, coyote, bobcat between now and class date, freeze it whole, in a trash bag and bring it.  the experience of taking something from whole to tanned is invaluable and we will be glad to make time in the curriculum for you to do it.

note to guys with deer heads on the skull in their freezer.  same deal.  make her happy.  bring the deer head to class with you and skin it out, tan it, and flesh it here!  you'll have a cape ready to mount when you get home.  invaluable practice and a great way to free up a freezer! 







above is work completed by taxidermy traditional students.  this represents some of the work done in class by the wonderful people we've met who've come here as students. 

for more photos of students and of their works-in-progress, visit the classroom cam.